Nicola Mastidoro

Nicola Mastidoro, computational linguist, terminologist, co-founder and R&D director of Corrige! ( He has dealt with context-sensitive language models for the assessment of readability and advanced spelling-terminology for three decades. In 1999 he created the IntraText Digital Library, based on a text-hypertext lexical model. In 2002 he developed the Censor readability model based on the combined use of the Gulpease index and lexical control with respect to VdB (Basic Vocabulary) by Tullio De Mauro. In 2007 he developed the “lexical imprint” model for context-sensitive spelling and terminology, adopted by the printing services of the Chamber of Deputies and by dozens of other organizations including the Department of Public Administration, publishers and publishing and writing professionals. In 2014 he defined Corrige! the linguistic-terminological engine with lexical imprint offering automatic online services for B2B and B2C for the readability assessment (Corrige! Readability) and for advanced spelling-terminology (Corrige! Spelling).