Marco Galiazzo

Marco Galiazzo EKR founder, started his consultancy career as an Adobe Guru. He wrote the first book about Cross Media Publishing in Italy (Guida al Cross Media Publishing) 12 years ago. He met the Transactional world when in 2008 Enterprise Knowledge Reengineering started as part of Ethica Consulting, the largest SAP partner in Italy. The first goal was to fill the gap between the big ERP systems at enterprise level, and the typical technical and marketing office, land of Adobe tools. Two worlds with two different languages and a big challenge to build a communication bridge. After 8 years of experience, putting together a quite huge amount of different technologies, the gap is filled with EKR PIM. It is used by many international customers, and the EKR METHOD, invented by the speaker is part of the day by day activity at the enterprise level.