Marco Jänicke
Trainer and author, IBJ

April 11, 2018

You create individual safety signs! Are they reliably detected?

  16:10 - 16:45

ISO 7010 provides us with some safety signs. Depending on the application, however, these are often either too general, too specific or not available for the specific case.

In order to warn the user as precisely as possible, safety signs must be created on the basis of ISO 3864. ISO 9186 provides us with test methods for comprehensibility and visual quality to determine whether these safety signs are sufficiently accurately recognized. The lecture presents the standard-based creation process for safety signs and test methods in practice.


– Illustrating the normative connections between standards for the creation of symbols for safety signs / symbols on devices / symbols in product documentation
– The development of a security sign (ISO 3864) in theory and using the example
– Testing the self-developed safety mark for comprehensibility and visual quality (ISO 9186)