Fabrice Lacroix

May 8th, 2019

Room B

WS “1B”: The challenge of delivering a truly personalized search experience

  09:00 - 10:45

In a world where Google sets the gold standard for providing relevant search results, how can technical documentation teams create findability that is always spot-on for every single reader?  Relevance of search is determined by a combination of content metadata, contextual knowledge about the user, and the search query itself. The challenge therefore resides in collecting and analyzing these elements and applying them systematically to every search query to create truly personalized search results.

What you will learn:

In this session, we will explain why quality of experience for the reader is actually conditioned by both quality of content and quality of search. We will then address the foundational principles of modern search engines like Google (content indexing, metadata auto-tagging, behavior tracking, analytics, etc.), and explain how the same concepts can be applied to technical documentation, making it easy to dramatically increase the value of content for users.