Marco Del Medico
Development Manager, H-ON Consulting

April 11, 2018

Safety life cycle: Definition of the Safety LifeCycle plan for industrial product sil certification

  15:10 - 15:45

Presentation in Italian: The compliance with the IEC 61508 should be obtained through a complex process of 16 phases called Safety Life-cycle.

Starting from the conceptual idea of the “safety function” up to the dismission of the “safety instrumented system” at the end of the lifetime, the safety life-cycle covers all aspects related to the management of the functional safety and meet all the requirements contained in 7 standards and that’s not too easy especially when trying to demonstrate the compliance of a system component prior to putting it in operation.

How to identify the requirements applicable to each device? Why do I need to plan the functional safety of the entire device lifetime? Is it related to a sort of after-sale guarantee? How can my device meet the requirements related to use or maintenance? How can I identify the safety function implemented by my component independently by the rest of the system? These and other questions related to safety life-cycle will be replied through practical examples based on HON previous experiences by highlighting limits and potential consequences on the SIL compliance evaluation.