Is the device broken? Does it need to be replaced or can the problem be solved on field? These are questions that your customer service and your customers have to face sooner or later.
As technical writers we provide a lot of information. But how can we provide quick, accurate and more appropriate answers to real challenges? For example, to ensure that users quickly find the right answer in self-service assistance, perhaps through an interactive fault tree that assists them in the decision-making process on how to handle a support case. In this way, some manufacturers have obtained, for the first time, orders for spare parts that are all correct with considerable benefits in terms of time and cost savings for both the manufacturer/retailer and the user as well.
Within Industry 4.0 machine data can be used to provide operators and technicians with real advice on the actions to be taken in a given context. Service technicians are more efficient if intelligent maintenance tables show the operations to be performed only.
This intervention shows how SCHEMA customers excel in this type of service.