17:40 ÷ 18:30
17:40 ÷ 18:30

7 October 2021

Safety Signs – Fundamental principles for the design of new safety signs and labels compliant with ISO 3864-1-2-3 standards

  17:40 ÷ 18:30


Much of the safety signs that we see applied to machines and products or that are used in technical documentation do not comply with current legislation and standards.

Compliant signage represents a real language to communicate safety messages in an efficient and effective way.

This “language of symbols” has the advantage of communicating the meaning of the different signals without the aid of the written text. The different languages ​​therefore no longer represent an obstacle to understand safety messages.

We must not limit ourselves to using commercially available signs, which are often non-compliant, repealed and too general.

The ISO 3864-1-2-3 standards allow us to create new signs dedicated to specific hazards, obligations and prohibitions. By the use of 280 “registered” signs of the ISO 7010 standard including the new dedicated signs, we can create safety labels for each type of product.

Only the use of compliant safety signs can guarantee communicative effectiveness to our technical communication and documentation ensuring the understanding of safety messages all over the world.



Paolo Tobaldo COMtecnica Conference 2021

Paolo Antonio Tobaldo