11:30 ÷ 13:00
11:30 ÷ 13:00

7 October 2021

Best practices for building taxonomies

  11:30 ÷ 13:00


Taxonomies and ontologies are trendy, useful, and promising.

By this speech we will go through all the steps of the process and will build a taxonomy and an ontology for a specific example.

The workshop aims to share a very good approach to creating and enhancing taxonomies and to turning them into ontologies. It is based on object-oriented analysis.

We’ll consider a product or a service that we are working on and will deconstruct it to its constituent components. From these components we’ll build the taxonomy. Then we’ll add the attributes to the components and we’ll identify the relations among the components to grow the taxonomy into an ontology.

The workshop will be interesting for Technical Writers, Technical Communicators, Information Architects, Information Specialists and all the professional involved in the process of technical communication.



Dimiter Simov

Ekaterina Mitova