9:00 ÷ 11:15
9:00 ÷ 11:15

7 October 2021

Terminology Panel

  9:00 ÷ 11:15

Terminology Panel:

Terminology management is essential for technical communicators, writers and translators, but also for LSPs (language service providers), businesses and organizations of various kinds.

Today everybody involved in the sector of Technical Communication is requested to meet the requirements of technical competence, use and form to satisfy users / end user as main goal.

Terminology and the practice of terminological work represent the turning point in the sector of technical writing and communication but also of translation and localization.

The mission is to meet the needs of understanding and use of technical information.

Terminology contributes significantly to achieving Effective Communication.

The program of this 2021 edition of COMtecnica Conference offers a Panel dedicated to this important macro-area of ​​the Technical Communication Process with four interventions on methods, tools and solutions for those who deal, directly or indirectly, with terminology.

Terminology as a heritage and resource, increasingly the subject of study and research by universities, organizations and software producers.

Terminology today, more than in the past, requires specific professional training and continuous updating.