17:15 ÷ 18:00
17:15 ÷ 18:00

6 October 2021

Intelligent Content Delivery: The Impact of Process Mining on Technical Communication and User Experience Design

  17:15 ÷ 18:00


This presentation aims to give an overview of the typical process mining approaches embraced by industry and SMEs.

As big data capabilities and the Internet of Things (IoT) can capture various activities by people, machines, and software, an increasing need exists to analyze various processes as real-time events.

Process mining is used to analyze such events, e.g. data from various streams to help model existing processes, check compliance, identify bottlenecks, and to enhance these processes.

The goal of process mining is to extract data related to processes, create event logs, and to mine (analyze) these to develop innovations. As IoT processes combine data from people, content, devices and cloud technologies with data from various sensors, process mining can help model and track what people did, how they accessed content, which technologies they used, where they were and for how long.

As such, process mining has an important role in clarifying which actions take place and how people respond, which is also important for technical communicators to deliver intelligent content.

In essence, process mining is a data analytic way of looking at various processes. As technical communicators, together with UX designers, are increasingly asked to consider data analytics in their work to address users, they may also be asked to embrace process mining to explain how users are interacting with specific aspects of a process or software.

This presentation will focus on a client-based project involving process mining. The audience to this presentation will walk away with a better understanding of what process mining is, and the importance of process mining for technical communicators and user experience design in embracing intelligent content paradigms.




Gustav Verhulsdonck