16:15 ÷ 17:00
16:15 ÷ 17:00

6 October 2021

Preparing files for translation: dos & don’ts

  16:15 ÷ 17:00


In this presentation, Nicole Maina explains how to prepare files for translation into one or more languages – whether in Word, Excel, InDesign or other formats.

Nicole describes the translation process and actions to be done on files before and after the translation, highlighting errors and oversights to be avoided in order to minimise post-processing by translators, technical writers and possibly even customers.

When drafting manuals, catalogues, brochures or simply newsletters, it is good practice to use a few tricks to prevent critical issues during translation and localisation. With greater awareness and mutual knowledge of the activities carried out by technical writers and translators, costs and time spent on processing and handling files before the final delivery are reduced.

The presentation shows some practical examples and provides advice on how to prepare the different formats, with a focus on .indd files, which often hide unexpected pitfalls compared to other formats.


Nicole Maina