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20 min.

6 October 2021

The Product/Process/Service Certification of the ITS Simplified Technical Italian

  20 min.


At COMtecnica Conference 2021 the announcement of the Product/Process/Service Certification of the ITS Simplified Technical Italian.

A new step forward for the Italian Controlled and Simplified Language, ITS Simplified Technical Italian, a registered trademark of COM&TEC. After publications, training activities, customized training on companies documentation and consultancy COM&TEC offers organizations and all interested parties the Certification of the:

  • ITS Product
  • ITS Process to design and write contents in an efficient, effective and compliant manner
  • ITS Service to support and assist organizations in the realization of controlled and simplified technical communication.


The Product/Process/Service Certification is the action by which an accredited independent third party body declares, according to clear and transparent rules, that the product or process or service provided by an organization complies with a voluntary or mandatory regulation.

CEPAS issues product, process and service certifications in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17065 Standard: “Conformity assessment. Requirements for bodies that certify products, processes and services “. This standard establishes the requirements that a service certification body must meet to demonstrate that it operates in a competent, consistent and impartial manner.

The certification process is performed according to strict procedures and in compliance with the requirements of competence, independence and uniformity of judgment, with the aim of objectively establishing whether the service complies with the reference scheme.

This process triggers a virtuous circle and generates value for all market players:

  • The organization offering the service benefits from a factor of distinction from competitors
  • The customer receives a preventive guarantee on the quality of the service to use
  • The market receives a boost towards efficiency and competitiveness, in compliance with the highest standards.



Tiziana Sicilia

Rossella Laface

Diego Aisa