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20 min.

6 October 2021

Safe Information and Use by Efficient Communication based on ITS and “Corrige.it”

  20 min.


Today, users of products and services and operators require and expect more understandable, usable, immediate and easy to assimilate communication and technical documentation in order to act and operate in the shortest possible time.

To achieve this result it is necessary to design and implement communication and product information with different characteristics than in the past.

Technical communication and technical information that accompany connected and technologically more advanced products must be equally advanced and appropriate to the products described and to their use.

The most recent standards, precisely in the sessions regarding the quality of information, finally introduce concepts and requirements of Completeness, Minimalism, Correctness, Conciseness, Consistency, Unambiguity, Readability, Comprehensibility and Accessibility, also for the purposes of recovery/repeatability, cost and time optimization processes.

The ITS Italiano Tecnico Semplificato (The Technical Simplified Italian) meets all these requirements and the needs of users / customers, professionals in technical communication and documentation, including technical translators and localizers, machine manufacturers, producers, and service and software providers.

The Safety of Information and Use also passes through and depends on the Clear, Controlled, Simplified and therefore Effective Communication that we, all, have to realize to meet legal requirements and market needs.

The “Corrige.it” solution supports all the above by evaluating the readability and comprehensibility of the information in a scientific and objective manner, also thanks to the ITS instructions in the parameters and evaluation criteria.

This contribution deals with the development of a method, a solution and a project by COM&TEC that is important and of great support to the sector of Technical Communication and Documentation in Italy today.



Tiziana Sicilia

Nicola Mastidoro