14:45÷ 16:15
14:45÷ 16:15

6 October 2021


  14:45÷ 16:15

CNLs for Efficient Communication Panel:

Standardizing and simplifying the technical language with which information is drawn up and translated for the use of products, machines and services today is no longer just a request from users / customers but also a legal requirement.

Achieving clear, effective and compliant Technical Communication is now possible using CNLs, Controlled and Simplified Natural Languages which facilitate the work of technical writers, communicators and translators.

Readability, understanding but also and above all Safety passes through a Communication that must change and adapt to new needs and new Standards.

This Panel of the COMtecnica Conference 2021 program offers a series of interventions to be updated on the state of the art of Controlled, Natural and Simplified languages ​​in the global Technical Communication sector and presents significant news concerning the ITS Italiano Tecnico Semplificato (Technical Simplified Italian) as certification service and product that finally responds to the requests of companies and professionals.