14:00 ÷ 14:45
14:00 ÷ 14:45

6 October 2021

CONTAINER – The web platform for the delivery of technical documentation for machines and plants

  14:00 ÷ 14:45


Technical manuals, declarations of conformity, spare parts, third-party documentation, drawings and diagrams up to validation protocols are drawn up, collected and delivered for any plants or machines. In view of the Machinery Regulation we will see how CONTAINER manages the technical documentation and documentation delivery for users and for all the departments dedicated to technical assistance by exploiting the potential of the digital technology.

CONTAINER gives the manufacturer and the client company the opportunity to use the technical documentation to manage safety and training and to plan ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. Operators use technical information during the lifecycle of machines or plants and when spare parts or technical assistance are required.

CONTAINER reconfigures the technical documentation delivery and the communication process between the actors involved to favor two-way information exchanges.



Alessandro Pratelli