11:45 ÷ 13:15
11:45 ÷ 13:15

6 October 2021

Embroidering technical information with the Digital thread

11:45 ÷ 13:15


Technical documentation cannot be today considered independently of new technologies like IoT, Digital twin, Assisted or Augmented Reality which are now on available for field or remote technicians. That means that each piece of information shall be repurposed to, or articulated with other delivery media, to provide the most efficient experience to the end users, depending on the operational context. That also means that, for insuring information consistency among media and product configurations, the service information creation process shall be integrated to the documented product definition process, from early definition to final delivery.

That’s the Digital Thread.

During this workshop, we’ll review the points of attention, the good practices and the technical solutions to consider when building a future proof content strategy, to make sure the Digital Thread will not be broken.



Denis Dublineau

Redouan El Houssaini