11:00 ÷ 11:45
11:00 ÷ 11:45

6 October 2021

Caution when choosing a LSP (Language Service Provider)

  11:00 ÷ 11:45


Often, companies ordering translation and localization services do not have sufficient background knowledge regarding the working methods of language service providers. In particular, agencies are perceived as a “black box”. 

Clients are promised brilliant services and low prices, which often results in headaches.

In this presentation, the audience will receive valuable tips on how to master the evaluation of their language service provider.

It is crucial to get an idea of the following points:

  • Professional competency
  • Quality awareness
  • Usage of tools
  • Pricing
  • Communication
  • Willingness to cooperate and
  • Transparency.


The audience will also take away helpful tips on how to work in synergy efficiently.



Azadeh Eshaghi