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6 October 2021

UNI Standard on Professional Communicators

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In the current context, it was important to redefine and certify the role of the Professional Communicator and specifically of the Technical Communicator.

Today, communication plays an increasingly important and delicate role and must therefore be entrusted to experienced professionals.

A lack of or inadequate awareness of the importance of communication has created gaps which this Standard covers by clearly identifying the requirements, knowledge and skills to be put in place to design and implement communication projects in businesses, organizations and institutions.

The Italian Standard on the Professional Communicator identifies the knowledge and skills needed by the Professional Communicator and, more specifically, by the Technical Communicator to design and develop communication projects according to precise stages and with skills and expertise at various levels.

The new business models for companies, based on new values to be built and communicated, require professionalism, competences and specific ongoing training to promote professionally and effectively and to sell products and services successfully.

The Standard identifies 5 areas including Technical Communication.

With the five areas identified, we respond to the interests and technical, specific and economic aspects of the professionals we represent, satisfying the current needs of the market.



Giacomo Riccio

Rita Palumbo

Tiziana Sicilia