16 giugno 2022

Clear and Safe Writing – Write your Safety Instructions in STE

  12:30 ÷ 13:10


This presentation will focus on how to write Safety Instructions that obey the rules of the latest Issue of the ASD-STE100 specification (Issue 8).

After a brief overview of the background and advantages of Simplified Technical English, this presentation will show how to write Warnings and Cautions in accordance with Section 7 of the Specification (rules 7.1 thru 7.3).

The overview includes information on the new STE Working Groups: AIAD-STEWG-IT (National Group for Italy) and STEWG-SPC (International Group of Spanish-speaking countries).

These groups – together with the existing STEWG-UK and possibly other groups in other countries or area – will support the STEMG in continuously providing the ASD-STE100 specification as a product of excellence for its Universal Use in Technical Communication

Participants will receive the link to request a free copy of ASD-STE100 Issue 8.



Daniela Zambrini

Orlando Chiarello