16 giugno 2022

How much Compliance does Technical Communication need?
How to avoid legal pitfalls

11:45 ÷ 12:25


Non-conformity can result in serious consequences for product manufacturers and other economic actors. Legal claims cost time, money and often harm the image of the company.

Avoiding this means understanding current requirements and working to meet them systematically.

Technical communication and documentation play an increasingly important role here.

Technical writers and communicators significantly enhance product conformity.

During this presentation the audience will dive into the world of legal and normative requirements and analyze which current regulations and standards are most important in the technical communication industry.

This presentation gives an insight into the development of specific standards and shows how to avoid legal pitfalls due to non-compliance.


Presentation structure and contents:

  • Legal structures within the European market
  • A glimpse abroad
  • Major legal documents (directives, regulations, recommendations, reports, lawsuits etc.)
  • Why do Technical Writers and Communicators need standards?
  • Major technical standards in the sector of technical communication
  • Requirements management
  • Consequences of Non-Compliant Information for Use
  • Practical recommendations and insights



Martin Rieder