16 giugno 2022

Interconnections between Vehicle Diagnosis and Technical Communication

  11:00 ÷ 11:40


Trends such as emission reduction, driving comfort, connectivity, electrification and safety have long been leading to an epoch-making transformation of the automotive sector and a consequent increase in the technological complexity of vehicles, with an explosion in the electronic architectural development of vehicles and their components.

This transformation is shifting the centre of gravity of a vehicle’s value and technological development from purely mechanical elements to electronic and software elements, which in turn are leading and will lead to a deep revision and change in after-sales management strategies and methods.

Diagnosis and connectivity become indispensable elements for modern Aftersales management and to manage the exponential increase of technology in the vehicle.

Technical documentation, an equally important pillar for vehicle repair, must adapt and integrate with this change and provide the OEM, the repairer and the end customer with a fluid and integrated User Experience.



Giuseppe Bolsi