15 giugno 2022

James, the smart Content Delivery Server for Inteligent Information. Best practices to adopt a CCMS

  18:15 ÷ 19:00


The digitization of information and its immediate offline/online availability have made it necessary to shorten publication times. The new concepts of intelligent information remove the document-centric vision. Instead, the object-centric view engages the users to the point of offering them all the information needed for their profile, in multiple formats.

In this presentation we will see how James, a web Content Delivery Server, and the Smart Media Creator web publishing system allow companies to face the new challenges of digital information without too many headaches. All information, in multiple formats, in multiple languages and profiled for multiple users dynamically accessible from one web page.

Thanks to the powerful metadata management based on the tekom iiRDS standard, we’ll show how it is possible to manage information coming from multiple systems and reach the searched information in a very short time. Thanks to the flexibility and the extreme usability of the publishing system, we will see how it is possible to deal with this paradigm shift by simplifying all complexity.



Vilma Zamboli

Michele Pighi

Claudius Jacoby