15 giugno 2022

Technical Writing supported by the T4TEC software

  15:20 ÷ 16:00


Specialized texts require solid background knowledge and use “tricky” terminology to express important pieces of information.

In this context, understanding the text and being aware of the possible consequences, for example for applying rules and policies in a correct way, is crucial.

In addition, some parts of these documents are essential for a qualified and timely information, in compliance with standards, (see the Covid-19 Pandemic) which must reach everyone, including laypeople, and be accessible.

In this presentation, we tackle these issues from a twofold viewpoint: on the one hand, the problem of supporting the writing of a correct specialized text for specialized users; on the other hand, support the re-use of the same text in order to remove such understanding barriers between scientific texts and the general public in an automatic manner.

In this framework, we will also present the T4TEC (Terminology for Technical Efficient Communication) project which aims at developing a new software supporting the technical writing and specialized translation processes. This software will be trained on the basis of the rules of Controlled Languages such as ITS (Italiano Tecnico Semplificato), STE (Simplified Technical English) and FR (Français Rationalisé) and will benefit from terminological data organized according to FAIR principles for Open Science.



Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio

Federica Vezzani