12 maggio 2023

How to gather and apply User Feedbacks in the software development cycle


Learn how a customer centered approach and listening to user feedback help companies improve the user experience through their software development cycles. In this particular case, we look into how it was done in practice at TimeLog A/S, and how the methodologies have developed since then.

The aim is to show how theory can be turned into practice, which initiatives companies need to work with and if it is beneficial to invest both time and money in a customer centered approach.

The presentation will have a practical approach and include:

  • Briefly: What is TimeLog?
  • How is the feedback and development process in theory and practice?
  • How does TimeLog gather user feedback and include it in the development cycle?
  • How does it affect the technical communication and user experience?
  • What is the development after the publication of the paper


The presentation touches on different focus points and themes, including but not limited to:

  • Methodology
  • User tests
  • Variables when evaluating aspects of usability and design
  • New ways: Customer centered approach in development and documentation
  • Cultural (both within the company and national cultures) and language aspects


You don’t necessarily need any previous knowledge about the field, but it is beneficial, if you work with software development.



Maiken Blok