12 maggio 2023

Inclusive Communication and User-Focused technical writing and translation


A technical content is above all a series of information useful for the audience. It must be written clearly, unambiguously, simply and in detail. It must also take into account all the characteristics of the users: any disability conditions, their socio-cultural context, language skills, and the educational level.

Only if it has all these characteristics the technical content can be truly inclusive and can be easily read by every audience, without discrimination. Language and terminology are therefore fundamental in this process.

The writer must be aware of all possible inequalities and difficulties of the end user, while the translator must carry on the spirit of inclusiveness when translating information into another language.

A technical content written in an inclusive, simple and clear manner also helps the translator, because it makes the understanding of sentences and their translation easy, it eliminates or reduces ambiguities and therefore the translator’s doubts. It then allows the use of CAT tools that speed up the process and increase the quality of the translated content.

The talk aims to demonstrate, with the help of many examples, that inclusiveness in writing and in translation leads to clearer and more comprehensible information, in a win-win situation for the writer, the translator and the reader and user of the technical content.



Silvia Barra