12 maggio 2023

Enhancing multilingual terminology management: the T4TEC approach


T4TEC (“Terminology for Technical Efficient Communication”) is an innovative software designed to support the technical communication process as a whole and all its individual phases (technical writing, specialized translation, and management of multilingual terminology).

The project started in 2022 in collaboration between the University of Padua – in particular, the Department of Linguistics and Literary Studies and the Department of Information Engineering – and the Italian Association for Technical Communication COM&TEC and it stems from concrete needs expressed by professionals working in the domain.

Based on the first presentation of the software prototype presented at the COMtecnica conference in 2022, this talk aims at illustrating the latest advances of the tool in terms of multilingual terminology management.

In particular, we will illustrate how T4TEC integrates a multilingual digital terminology management system able to 1) incorporate and integrate different multilingual glossaries in different formats and standardize them in the latest ISO standards (TermBase eXchange – TBX), and 2) link terminological data to existing external Language Linked Open Data Resources by means of a FAIR terminology approach.



Federica Vezzani

Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio