11 maggio 2023

Knowledge Management and Project Management in the New Product Development (NPD) and Custom Product Development scenario


Knowledge is the raw material of communication and is the base for acting. It is important to manage it starting from its origin. When an enterprise is Developing a New Product or extending an existing one in order to create a Custom Product, most of time it has to put in place a quite articulated process that involves many actors.

Project Management activities and Knowledge Management activities are intertwined and interdependent.

In this presentation we will see how a correct Knowledge Management implemented together with Project Management steps and milestones will a very convenient starting point for any activity of further Technical Communication.

If for any development step we are able to collect and manage any Knowledge element, directly from the Experts (Product Managers, Team managers, Developer, Designers, Lab specialists, etc.), we will gather an important Knowledge Treasure, using a Structured Shared Knowledge Platform.

Any technical and marketing documentation and training and after sales activity will be based on the gathered knowledge and the process as a whole will be very efficient.



Marco Galiazzo