11 maggio 2023

The Dissimilar Twin: a simple digital copy no longer suffices, the Digital-Twin as defined by Writec


Current market requirements demand ever greater efficiency in the communication and distribution of content, whether technical or commercial. A digital twin of the real-world product also has to enable the communication of everything that the real-world product cannot. Writec’s Digital twin ecosystem has been conceived in response to this prerequisite, and is based on the principle of streamlined management of technical content typical of the Writec world, a principle originating from an always accurate analysis of the customer’s real needs.

The virtual product in fact can speak for itself and carries its own complete universe within, a universe made up of usefulness, information, data, mechanical details and functions, displaying all these elements simply and immediately. This new frontier which we have just crossed will help technicians, marketing and sales in a versatile way to confront the business challenges of the coming years with an efficiency and flexibility unimaginable up to now.

In this digital revolution there is a “hidden” engine that manages and organizes the information without which all the technical content would be unmanageable: CMS. Not just any CMS, but a powerful and flexible CCMS that Writec has carefully chosen based on its experience of more than 20 years in the sector.



Vilma Zamboli

Massimo De Bandi

Michele Pighi