11 maggio 2023

Machinery Regulation and Cybersecurity: Acecyber, the kit by AC&E


The growth and involvement of organizations in Industry 4.0 is increasingly driving the need to network all machines and plants, most often without precise technical guidelines and protocols and often in an “unprotected” manner.

The risks in this case are enormous: defending machines from hacker attacks is not only about preventing access and improper acquisition of production data, but also about avoiding interference with the safety part of machinery, implications for product quality, and even access to the entire company information network.

Cyber Security for industrial machines destined for the North American market is already mandatory for NEC2023 and will be mandatory in Europe with the New Machinery Regulation, but now also many Type C standards introduce the risk of Cyber Security: are we ready?


Thematic insights from the meeting:

  • Concept of Safety and Security? Synonyms or Complementary ?
  • Some cases of Cyber Attack, ransomware and data theft
  • Introduction to computer security (CIA)
  • IT security objectives, vulnerability and attack on a system, risk concept
  • IT/OT distinction and associated security requirements
  • Structure of the IEC 62443 standard
  • The risk analysis according to IEC 62443-3-2
  • The definition of Protection Level, Security Level Target and Maturity Level
  • The EN Type C standards on Industrial Robots and Packaging Machines impacting Cyber Security.



Mattia Basili