Nicola Mastidoro

Nicola Mastidoro is a computational linguist, a terminologist and the co-founder and R&D director of

Nicola deals with context-sensitive linguistic models for the assessment of legibility, spelling and technical-scientific terminology with supervised machine learning functions.

Nicola developed the text readability model based on the combined use of the Gulpease index and lexical control with respect to the Basic Vocabulary (VdB). Nicola defined, the linguistic-terminological engine with a lexical imprint that offers automatic online services for B2B and B2C. performs the evaluation of readability (Corrige.LeggibilitĂ ) and advanced spelling / terminology checks (Corrige.Ortografia and Corrige.CT for technical communication).

Nicola is one of the Board Members of COM&TEC and the Coordinator of the Technical Terminology Committee of COM&TEC.