Presentations and Speakers of COMtecnica Conference 2023

The program is being updated and may be subject to small changes

Knowledge Mangement and the creation of digital assets: how the combination of the Web and Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing knowledge management for future generations
Federico Cussigh – R-Tree Technologies and Fabio Codebue – P-soft

Machinery Regulation and Cybersecurity – Acecyber, the Kit by Ac&E
Matteo Marconi – AC&E Consulting

The Dissimilar Twin. A simple digital copy no longer suffices. The digital twin as defined by Writec.
Vilma Zamboli, Massimo De Bandi and Michele Pighi – Writec

Knowledge management and project management in the new product development (NPD) and custom product development
Marco Galiazzo – EKR

How AI can help technical documentation as well as translation in combination with content management
Mitja Sternkopf – Lengoo

From the Machinery Directive to the Machinery Regulation: innovative elements, critical issues and application criteria 
Paolo Zuccarelli – Ingegnere e Formatore

Green Deal – Technical communication is important for sustainable product use
Gabriela Fleischer – tekom Deutschland – tekom Europe

New developments – new perspectives
Michael Fritz – tekom Deutschland – tekom Europe

How to gather and apply user feedback in the software development cycle
Maiken Block – BK Medical

The Future of CCMSs: A Re-evaluation
Sebastian Göttel – Quanos

Enhancing multilingual terminology management: the T4TEC approach
Federica Vezzani and Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio – Università di Padova

Inclusive Communication and user-focused Technical Writing and Translation
Silvia Barra – Traduttrice e Redattrice Tecnica

Towards ASD-STE100 Issue 9. Working groups and collaborative projects
Daniela Zambrini and Orlando Chiarello – STEMG

Enterprise Search Engine and AI-based cognitive chatbots
Federico Cussigh – R-Tree Technologies

COM&TEC Time and debate