Gianni Rimorini

Gianni is the owner of NETCOM and a member of the COM&TEC Board.

Gianni has 25 years of experience in the management and creation of technical documentation and communication. For about twenty years Gianni has created and developed technical documentation within NETCOM. In particular, solutions to manage work processes and technical information for technical communication.

NETCOM manages technical documentation by implementing new technologies and an innovative editorial system in order to optimize costs and resources.

NETCOM is able to respond effectively and professionally to the numerous market requests, through the work of a young and active team, in close synergy with its customers.

In a context such as today, dynamic and constantly evolving, it is necessary to work constantly on preparation, training, specialization of the team, putting into practice new ideas and new technologies. The NETCOM team is available to provide tailor-made products for any organization.