Alessandro Pratelli

Alessandro Pratelli has been a technical editor since 1996 and the owner of AP Publishing since 2004. He deals with everything related to Product, from product safety, through the study of the Directives and Standards, to the safety of the contents for technical and visual documentation. He feels the need to share issues and problems with his colleagues, technical writers, and in this way, he comes into contact with COM&TEC where he grows professionally and collaborates to promote the activities of the Association. At the same time, he begins to deal with content management and technical writing. With the development and spread of the web he starts publishing in html. He is passionate about structuring and organizing content, web and mobile publications. He loves finding solutions to improve and automate the technical documentation management processes. Today he would define himself as a “seeker” of solutions. With AP Publishing Alessandro helps companies to build or restructure company technical documentation production processes. He provides training activities for companies by combining the Directives requirements with the Manufacturers’ needs. Alessandro created CONTAINER, the application that, in the Industry 4.0 context, allows the digital consultation of technical documentation, at any time, by any devices. Alessandro thinks that the standards knowledge is the basis of technical writing.
Alessandro’s motto: if you do not raise your eyes you will think you are the highest point.